Wednesday, July 19, 2017

perspective creature

This week's assignment will be to use photo from the attached paris landmarks and put a creature of your own design into the proper perspective of the picture you choose. I would like to see the whole illustration rendered in your style, in other words don't paint a cartoon creature onto a photo realistic background. Use the line tool to establish vanishing points and other perspective points to make it believable. Also using the distort and perspective tools in the transform section of PS will help. Attached are also examples of past art from students. I would like 3 different creatures roughed out and then pick the best one to move forward with. Good news... this assignment will be due in a week and a half (July 31).

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trad book cover

This week's assignment will be to illustrate a book jacket for a mash-up of traditional tales. Use the attached template for your illustration. Pick two titles from the attached list of traditional tales and write your own story then design a book cover for it. On the front should be a nicely designed title to go along with the illustration. You can also put the title on the spine. On the back should be a small summary of your story. This project will be due july 19

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

shadow box

This week's assignment will be to build a shadow box illustration using flat shapes that look like pieces of paper cut out to build the scene. I would like you to use the layer  properties and specifically the drop shadow feature to show depth and give it the illusion of a shadowbox. I would encourage using different textures for the paper to give it a unique feel. The size will be 14 wide by 10 high @300 dpi The subject matter will be to visit the Illustration friday website and the archives and pick a single prompt word from the month of your birthday from 2016. This assignment is due Wednesday July 12 before class

Below are some examples of what I'm talking about